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Yoga is an integral part of what we offer. There are regular workshops and classes for the community as well as one to one sessions and bespoke Retreats. We also specialise in Women's Womb Yoga. There is an emphasis on a listening meditative approach and therefore suitable for all ages and abilities. Yoga here is held in ceremony and often accompanied with live music and chanting .

For organised yoga workshops and retreats, please see workshops

Sangita Lakhanpal is a Yogini, Devotional Singer , Dancer and Ceremonialist. She started her work as a Spiritual Activist, offering Yoga and Meditation in Prisons, Drug Rehab Centres and Schools. After 10 years of devoting her life to this service she left London to become a pilgrim on the sacred River Rewa in India. The River became her teacher and guided her to return to Britain to live in various sacred sites on the land in Wales. It was here that she learnt to reconnect back to nature through living simply and elementally in natural buildings without electricity. Sangita has recently set up Rewananda a Community Yogic Ashram in Maheshwar , India. She offers ceremonial retreats to channel the Divine Feminine through sacred embodiement in song,dance, Yoga and mantra on the lands of India and Cornwall.

Please contact Sangita for information 07593244369