Wisdom Council

effective decision making for Organisations...


The Wisdom and decision making Council Teachings enable your organisation to move forward with a clear vision that takes into account the bigger picture, the past, present, future and all aspects that affect the effectiveness of your organisation's decisions and vision.

This is an ancient tried and tested, powerful tool for the ethical, holistic management of an Organisation, based on the Native American Medicine wheel of the Eight Directions. (North, North East, East, South East... and their perspectives, which together, share a whole, balanced picture) All Eight perspectives are taken into account when making decisions and gaining wisdom on the Organisation's decisions, vision, direction and other issues that affect it.

The Eight Directions include:

  • How creative and free will this decision allow us as an organisation to be?
  • Are we aware of the power and danger in making this decision?
  • If we make this decision, how does it affect our ability to maintain what we already have in place?
  • Is it the right timing to make this decision?

Through listening to all Eight Directions, it takes the personality of individuals and their potentially "coloured" view on what's needed out of directing the organisation.  Instead, the Council guides from the bigger picture, of being part of the "Web" of life, the "Way of things" , offering the organisation a connected vision and direction for the future, from something greater than our limited personalities!

The Council is a great structure to use regularly to keep the organisation focused and on track!!

Number of participants:

The Wisdom Council is a one day training for a group of up to 20 people.


You are welcome to receive the training at The Living Well Centre in Cornwall or I would come to your organisation for the training.

The cost of the training is £50 per person (minimum price £500 for whatever sized group) plus travel expenses to the training location you choose.

If the training is at The Living Well Centre in Cornwall, there would be an additional cost of £150 for the day for hiring the Centre.

Who will be holding you:

Rachel Smart

I have years of experience studying and working with the Earth Wisdom teachings of the Native Americans and other Earth based peoples, and am passionate about sharing these for others and the Earth to benefit from.

I have set up The Living Well Centre www.thelivingwellcentre.co.uk in Cornwall, where we work with the Wisdom Council to guide the vision of the Centre.

Please contact me for more information and to book.

livingwellrachel@gmail.com or 07800903508

I co-birthed The Living Well Centre in 2003.  I am a mother, daughter, friend and lover of people and the power of nature! I am in love with life and choose to live it to the full and share this love with others.  I offer life-affirming shamanic teachings, guidance, shamanic healing, transformative massage, celebrancy for rites-of-passage, healing retreats and ceremonial healing pilgrimages to nearby ancient sacred sites.

I have worked with and trained in healing and shamanic teachings for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli, The Path of Pollen, College of Sound Healing and many years with Northern Drum Shamanic training.