Retreats in the Moon Lodge

beautiful roundhouse in Cornwall

This beautiful hand-sculpted cob roundhouse is hidden away in a circle of trees, in a magical woodland.  An incredibly peaceful off-grid home with baked earth walls, soft sheepskins and a trusty wood burner. The Moon Lodge offers you a tranquil and cosy "earth-hug" retreat, allowing you to relax and reconnect with yourself and nature.

Cook supper the old-fashioned way  - either outside over the outdoor fire pit or on your indoor gas stove. Enjoy the glow of candle lanterns when night falls and watch the moon and stars through the tall earth framed windows, as you fall asleep to the sound of owls hooting... The shower and compost loo are in a wooden cabin approx 30m away. Treatments, therapies and Retreat packages are also available, please see the rest of our website for further information.

Ashram basis:

Here at The Living Well Centre, we are learning to follow practices that enable us to live more consciously with ourselves, one another and the Earth.
We would like to share this journey with you.

All guests are asked to bring their own bed linen and clean their rooms mindfully and lovingly when they leave for the next guest to enjoy

The Moon Lodge is a truly dreamy escape, in the heart of stunning and evocative West Cornwall


£49 per night, minimum of 3 nights.  Please contact us for availability.

Available for fully guided healing retreats.

Includes personal guidance and support throughout, Shamanic healing session,  Therapeutic Massage session, Sacred sound and gong bath, Healing ceremonial pilgrimage to local ancient sites.

For further information and cost, please see our retreats page

The Moon Lodge

Sleeping arrangements

  • Sleeps up to 2 people
  • 1 double futon
  • Duvet and pillows provided.  Please bring your own double bed linen & towels

Booking availability

  • Check in is 4pm / Check out is 10am

Cooking lighting and heating

  • Cosy indoor Wood burner
  • 1 ring Gas camping stove
  • Candles & rechargeable lanterns
  • The Moon Lodge is Off grid  = no electricity
  • You can charge your electrical items at The Longhouse if needed

Washing & Facilities

  • Shower and compost loo in shared cabin 30 m away
  • Separate Hand washing and washing up facilities.
  • Cool-box with frozen ice packs – can be replenished from Longhouse.


Important information

  • Pets cannot be accommodated at Living Well Centre – mainly for the sake of our wildlife.
  • There are ponds and a walk down well, bee-hives with honey bees on site


The Making of Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge was built between September 2014 and March 2015 as a workshop with Jo Forsyth and 12 others.

The Moon Lodge grew herself..... We spent the first day meditating and "tuning in" to and asking what the building wanted to look like and be used for"....all 12 of us independently came up with the same shape and design through a meditation....we then spent the afternoon dowsing how big it wanted to be, where the door, windows, woodturner and centre wasto be....the design is an "Earth Womb"...a place to be held by the Earth.

The walls are cob- from cob earth from up the road, local strawbales., reclaimed glass bottles.
The roof is constructed in the same way as the Hobbit and Well Houses, the rafters come from trees from Penzance. The door and floor is reclaimed flooring and Earth floor at the entrance.

With all our houses our ambition has been to create beautiful organic, living structures with personality and a homely, friendly feel- like being in an “Earth hug”, that are as environmentally benign as possible, thus we have used as much local, recycled, reclaimed and organic material as possible. Excluding the plastic roof membrane, the biggest environmental cost has been the diesel required for transportation. All have very low carbon footprints helped further by their living roofs, and the straw bale Well house in particular, by using straw (an annual local crop that locks carbon from the atmosphere and hasn't been transported very far) is arguably carbon negative.

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