Date(s) - 14/09/2019 - 20/09/2019
14:00 - 15:00

The Living Well Centre, Sancreed, Penzance


You’re invited in preparation for Autumn Equinox to enter this traditional ceremony. You will be supported and guided as you move into a deep connection with Mother Earth and your own true nature over these days and nights on the magical land of Sancreed.

Are you ready to live your life?

What it is

The Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony practiced throughout history by indigenous people all over the world. Participants are supported and held in this sacred ritual while they spend 3 days and 3 nights in nature, seeking clarity, healing, guidance and wisdom. Traditionally the Vision Quest lies at the heart of healthy communities, as individuals take time out from their everyday lives in order to reacquaint with their authentic selves. When given this opportun

Mindful living in Cornwall
Vision Quest in Cornwall with rainbow lodge, traditional shamanic ceremony

ity, the heart and mind may find healing, insight and rejuvenation with which to return homeward.

Where it is

Here in wild and sacred Cornwall, the land is woven with an ancient history of such spiritual retreats and endeavours. We bring this powerful ceremony into the modern day, allowing us much needed space in our busy lives, to re-member who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

What does your heart yearn for?
What is your power?

The Vision Quest…

  • Re-weaves us into the sacred web of life
  • Gives us a chance to re-member our true nature and awaken to the sacredness of all life and our part in it
  • Is to be held by the loving arms of all creation and awaken to our true place here on Earth at this time
  • Supports us in transforming destructive patterns in our lives
  • Is a safe space to work deeply, surrender and open up to insights on important questions that need clarity
  • Can facilitate healing on physical, mental, emotional and soul levels
  • Supports your mind and Ego to let go of the need to control, allowing the magic and Great Mystery to unfold in their place. The wisdom you have been seeking may then emerge out of your Heart, and on the whisper of the wind…
  • Is an opportunity to hear once again, the song of your heart as echoed by Mother Earth.

Going home/ integration:

The wisdom, insights and clarity gained on a Vision Quest are yours to own. They are long lasting, earned by the effort and intention you put into your ceremony.

Each Vision Quest is unique and precious – a tapestry and story gifted to you by Nature’s bounty.

The experiences you receive and the insights you obtain on a Vision Quest will be in your heart, body and mind forever as a lasting imprint from the universe, to help steer you and your life in the direction that is for your highest good.

You will be held on the Vision Quest by Lawrence Nunes, Rachel Smart and an experienced team. The preparation for the Vision Quest will include a cleansing ceremony. They have all received these ancient teachings from their original source, through training with Northern Drum (, and have been touched through direct experience, by the beauty and transformational power available to all through the Vision Quest.

Rachel says about the Vision Quest:
“Nature enters every pore of your being….you are drenched in her wisdom, beauty and love- the trees that surround your vision quest circle and the clouds that pass over become your best friends….You are given the chance to track the movement of the sun, understand the calling of the birds, gain insights from the direction of the wind…It is a gift every human should be given – to truly know, through direct experience and guidance from Nature, our place on Earth amongst all of creation.”
Rachel co-founded and helps run The Living Well Healing Centre, where she offers shamanic healing, massage and transformational healing retreats. She has a background in creative therapeutic facilitation.

Lawrence says about the Vision Quest:
“I have found that without the Vision Quest we can spend our lives seeking initiations or similar experiences, which can often end up being chaotic or counterproductive. When held in the traditional manner with the support of facilitators such time is truly precious, as participants are given the space and tools to immerse in the experience, and any insights may be integrated into day to day life. The chance to share that feels exciting.”
Lawrence has trained with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre for the last 10 years and lives in West Cornwall with his wife and daughter where he works as a carpenter and facilitates ceremonies for the community.

Practical Information:

  • The preparation, ceremony and integration lasts a week. The Vision Quest Ceremony itself lasts 3 days, 3 nights, with days either side for preparation and integration. Lawrence, Rachel and experienced team will hold you 24/7 during the ceremony
  • A ceremonial fire will burn throughout the ceremony to support you
  • We will spend time before and after the ceremony preparing for and integrating the sacred VQ ceremony
  • Dates 14-20 September 2019
  • Cost £475 includes everything including food (you will need to bring your own tents)
  • Please book early as places are limited
  • The Vision Quest will be on The Living Well Centre’s beautiful land – the site of an ancient Iron Age roundhouse settlement, with an ancient holy well feeding the land.

Contact us to book (£100 non-refundable deposit).