Date(s) - 21/07/2017 - 23/07/2017
16:00 - 19:00

The Living Well Centre, Sancreed, Penzance


or the Quince, the Comb and the Water Drum.

The Sea looks to our rhythmic relationship with the Ocean. This is our first beginning. Perhaps the deepest root to creation the body can remember.

It is for those who need to connect to their deeper creativity. For those who need to regenerate and reorientate on a profound level. Full of myth and magic, The Sea is also full of nurture – essentially bringing us into close contact with the original, primal mother of all – the great wide ocean – it is upon her rhythms we dance.

Accompanied throughout with exquisite percussion from Kirby and Afra Bell, our 3 days together weave intensive earth dance on site against the ancient, raw and unfathomable beauty of Zennor to come back to land, rest, eat and sleep – celebrate a little and laugh a lot – at the gorgeous Living Well Centre.

This is a dance of rejuvenation, and is designed to take dancers to the well, so they may drink deep for these 3 days.

Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance
With Rowan Jacqueline on Dance
Kirby & Afra Bell on Drums and Percussion

Entry: All levels of ability and experience are welcome.


​Fully Residential: £330 (@ The Living Well Centre – 8 places)

Camping: £270 (@ The Living Well Centre)

Non-residential: £230

All prices inclusive of first class catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Sarah Judd. We are happy to meet dietary requirements.​​

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