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Homeopathy with Anna at The Living Well Centre

Homeopathy is a holistic system of healing, treating both mind and body, suitable for both young and old. The remedies are made from natural sources that stimulate your body’s own healing power. A Homeopath treats the underlying causes of ill health rather than the symptoms alone. It is a subtle yet powerful therapy that can correct small imbalances long before appearance of more serious symptoms.

Anna Jenkins our resident Homeopath sees healing as a partnership, with the patient, practitioner and remedies working together to restore well-being. This can be achieved alongside the use of conventional medication. Anna aims to work with you to establish what your needs are and how they can safely and effectively meet them.

Homeopathy Session Prices

General sessions 

  • £55 - First Consultation
  • £45 - Follow up sessions

Wellbeing with Cancer sessions *

  • £46 - First Consultation
  • £36 - Follow up sessions

* Please note if you are on a low income session costs can be made more accessible - please discuss this with Anna. 

*Anna is currently part of the Wellbeing with Cancer practitioner team  at The Living Well Centre - offering discounted sessions for people affected by Cancer . See details of the "Wellbeing with Cancer" fund here.

To book a session please contact Anna by email: info@cornwallhomeopath.com

For more information see: www.cornwallhomeopath.com

Anna Jenkins

“I have been practicing as a Homeopath in Cornwall since qualifying in 2011. I have a Licentiate degree in Homeopathy having completed four years of study at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol.

While studying I gained experience working in the college clinic. I then worked at Second Step mental health charity as a student homeopath and for the last four years I've been working in private practice in West Cornwall, including my practice at the Living Well Centre".