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Individual Counselling

Frances Rippon offers counselling

My counselling approach is a blend of various training and life experience and has a strong mindfulness element. I offer connection, with the intention of enabling more presence so that you might move towards greater ease, understanding and compassion in relationship to yourself.

I am currently part of the Wellbeing with Cancer practitioner team  at The Living Well Centre - offering discounted sessions for people affected by Cancer.

See details of the "Wellbeing with Cancer" fund here.

Counselling Session Prices

General sessions 

  • £35

Wellbeing with Cancer sessions *

  • £26

* Please note if you are on a low income session costs can be made more accessible - please discuss this with Fran.

To book a session or discuss this further please : Email: francesportheras@gmail.com or  Call : 07813 356 845 (mobile)

Frances Rippon

"I have trained in mental health nursing, Humanistic Counselling, Reflexology and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. I have over 20 years experience in the health service, private practice and voluntary sector.

I came to this work through early experiences of the pain of mental illness in my family and I have sought throughout my life to discover ways of healing mind/heart and reducing suffering."

Fran also leads NHS Mindfulness sessions and is a Reflexology practitioner - for further details about these please talk to her.