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Our treatments & therapies

Our treatments and therapies can be booked individually or as ongoing sessions, some treatments can be booked as part of a week or day retreat on request.  For info on the Wellbeing with cancer fund - please see below.

Practitioners, Treatments & Therapies currently on offer:

(Please contact individual practitioners to discuss your needs & requirements in further detail - click on names)


  • Transformative Massage

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Sound healing & Gong Baths

with Rachel Smart


  • Homeopathy 

with Anna Jenkins


  • Counselling

  • Reflexology

with Frances Rippon

Wellbeing with Cancer Fund

The “Wellbeing with Cancer Fund” offers subsidised treatments and therapy sessions to people affected by cancer. The sessions include massage, healing, homeopathy and counselling and can complement any medical treatment being undertaken.

“The Wellbeing with Cancer” Fund aims to enable a wider range of people to benefit from therapies and treatments through a 20% discount, with prices starting from £35 per hour.* Please note if you are on a low income session costs can be made more accessible - please discuss this with the individual practitioner.

The” Wellbeing with Cancer” fund is being developed through individual donations, by the Centre offering practitioners the rooms free of charge for sessions with people affect by cancer and by 10% of the booking fee for other non-funded sessions going into the fund.

For further information on each therapy available and practitioner details, to book a session or talk about possibilities for a discounted sessions - please see the details in each section on the right  Therapeutic Massage, Homeopathy, Healing and Counselling .

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To make a donation, enquire about room hire & all other general enquiries please email: enquiries@thelivingwellcentre.co.uk


Shamanic Healing

Transformatory healing, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Transformative Massage

Flowing, rhythmic, deep and transformative massage that heals the body, mind and spirit.


Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources that stimulate your body’s own healing power.


Counselling can help you move towards greater ease, understanding and compassion in relationship to yourself...read more