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Magical Cornwall

The Living Well Centre in Sancreed has emerged out of an Iron Age Roundhouse settlement - deep in the heart of West Penwith. It is ancient, sacred land surrounded by, perhaps, the greatest concentration of ancient sites anywhere in Europe. This area is known as “the real Cornwall” - the legend of the ancient land of Lyonesse is exuded from the rocks here, and the sea whispers the ancestors' stories. Associated with the Michael and Mary ley lines, Cornish saints, healing, pilgrimage, miracles, visions, Merlin, Arthur - it is a very special place to stay. The Sancreed Beacon, Sancreed Holy Well and ancient church are all a few minutes walk away. The stunning Carn Euny ancient Iron Age village and awe-inspiring Boscawen-Un Stone Circle are within a half an hour's walk. The dowser Hamish Miller shared the importance of these sites in his book The Sun and the Serpent. We are surrounded by coastline on the north, south and west - stunning sun sets, rugged clifftop walks, and golden sandy beaches as well as the wonderful St Michaels Mount beckon. They're all within 10 minutes' drive.