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Here at The Living Well Centre we believe that giving is receiving. Our focus is on promoting the wellbeing of people and the planet. We also ensure that the way we do business also holds true to this. Here are some of the ways we ensure we ensure the giving - receiving cycle stays strong.
The Living Well Centre is a subsidiary of Plan-it-Earth Community Interest Company (CIC). As a CIC any surpluses we make are principally reinvested into the project or into the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for owners or stakeholders. It is believed that CICs have a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy.
A percentage of the hire fee for our Healing Heart treatment cabin (used for both guest and visitor treatments) goes towards a treatment fund, which enables people with cancer, particularly those on low incomes, to have low cost treatments at The Living Well Centre.
The Living Well Centre offers free retreat days for people with cancer and their carers, thanks to funding from The Big Lottery. We are looking at different possibilities to continue this much needed work.