The Path of the Sacred Human: A Shamanic Ceremony

Honouring and sharing Native American Earth Wisdom teachings for living in balance

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Hearing the call…

The Path of the Sacred Human, held over the full Moon, offers a unique opportunity to reconnect to the truth of what it is to live consciously as a sacred human by co-creating community with each other and the transformative energies of this land. During the week you will be held in ceremony and be introduced to Native American Earth Wisdom teachings and given the time and space to develop practices that you can take back into your daily lives to be part of contributing to a new story for yourself and the Earth.



We run our Sacred Human Ceremonies for one week per month (they are individual Ceremonies for you to choose from, not a series of months you need to commit to):

  • Mon 25-Fri 29 June
  • Mon 23-Fri 27 July
  • Mon 27-Fri 31 August
  • Mon 24-Fri 28 September


Please arrive between 1-2pm Monday; we finish 3pm Friday.  There is an option to stay longer- before or after the Ceremony, please book through our accommodation pages.


Accommodation will normally be shared 2/3 people in our beautiful Earth houses.  We also have limited spaces for camping.


Food will be vegan/vegetarian, home grown or locally sourced wherever possible.  All meals will be provided from dinner on Monday evening to lunch on Friday.


£450 per person based on 2/3 sharing, or £400 for early bird (booking a month before) or refer a friend

E-mail us at for bookings and enquiries.

Who will be holding you:

Rachel Smart

I co-birthed Living Well Centre in 2003.  I am a mother, daughter, friend and lover of people and the power of nature! I am in love with life and choose to live it to the full and share this love with others.  I offer life-affirming shamanic teachings, guidance, shamanic healing, transformative massage, celebrancy for rites-of-passage, healing retreats and ceremonial healing pilgrimages to nearby ancient sacred sites.

I have worked with and trained in healing and shamanic teachings for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli, Path of Pollen, College of Sound Healing and eight years with Northern Drum Shamanic Healing training.  I am a Registered BSY Massage Practitioner.

Leonora Adams

I have been drawn to a spiritual path since as a young girl I heard from my grandfather about Jung's travels to the Navajo, and the Native American knowledge he brought back. This awakened a searching which has taken me through meditation, healing trainings, travel, and ten years shamanic training with Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum's, to find ways of re-balancing the way we live in our world; bringing back to modern society the earth based wisdom held safe by indigenous people. The Living Well Centre is a powerful place, which I am deeply grateful to be connected to.

Linda Naughton

I'm not sure exactly how It happened but this story started a long time ago and has many twists and turns.  Like all good stories, along the way I've met all sorts of characters, the wicked, the wise, the wonderful and the weird.  I've spent a fair amount of time in the forest with no path and just when I was ready to abandon the quest I found moments of light that kept me going.  Now I'm living near the ocean, a dream come true and I feel like my prodigal parts are enjoying a homecoming feast in this magical landscape.

I'm exploring story, myth, metaphor and space as creative healing modalities.  I trained in Clean Language and Clean Space which were fundamental to healing my own dissociative patterns.  We can all transform our patterns, stories, personal myths and interior landscapes

Jenny Rose

Earhbound airhead, Cornish-rooted lover of plants and soil, wigs and petticoats, food and foraging, magic and making.

Kitchen-witch, book gobbler, flower flirt and hedgerow hedonist.


A typical week will include:

  • Joyful full-moon celebration and ceremony
  • Healing Pilgrimage to nearby ancient sites
  • Native American Earth Wisdom teachings for living consciously
  • Delicious home-grown, made with love vegetarian/vegan meals
  • Space for self-guided discovery, practice, meditation, exploration
  • Fire and water thanksgiving ceremonies
  • Foraging for food and native medicines of this land
  • Sharing circles
  • Sacred sound and gong bath
  • Accommodation in uniquely beautiful Earth-hug houses