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Living Well Retreats in Beautiful Cornwall!

Our healing retreat and well being centre provides a space where you can connect, reflect and be supported by the healing treatments and tools for living mindfully.  Nestled in the beautiful roundhouses and surrounding nature, the retreats support you to find well being, and share inspirations for living more consciously and joyfully in your life.

Ashram basis:

Those of us at The Living Well Centre are on the learning journey of what it is to live more consciously?  We share this journey with you and invite you to join us in living in a more mindful, loving way.

All guests are asked to bring their own bed linen and clean their rooms mindfully and lovingly when they leave for the next guest to enjoy, if you're unable to do this, we ask for a one-off cleaning fee when you book.

We offer different Living Well Retreats- please see our main menu for details.

While on a healing retreat you can also book a variety of different healing therapies, including therapeutic massage, shamanic healing, yogahomeopathy, mindfulness meditation and more.