Transformative massage and Shamanic Healing

Transformative Massage

The transformative massage which Rachel offers is a flowing, rhythmic, deep and therapeutic massage therapy that clears, aligns and heals the body, mind and spirit. The massage takes you on a healing journey, working with your muscles, joints and structure to enable the emotional, physical and energetic release of stresses and blockages to help your body rediscover its harmony and natural flow of health. Oils, sound, movement and intention are all used to release and free you from blocks to the flow of your health.

Shamanic Healing

The Shamanic healing which Rachel offers is a transformatory healing, enabling you to reach your full potential physically, emotionally, mentally and in daily life. Healing life force energy is channelled and unhealthy blocks released, allowing you to be your true, healthy self.

Session Prices

Therapeutic Massage sessions 

  • £40 per hour

Wellbeing with Cancer Therapeutic Massage sessions *

  • £ 30 per hour

* Please note if you are on a low income session, costs can be made more accessible - please discuss this with Rachel.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Please discuss details, cost & duration with Rachel.

Rachel Smart

I offer life-affirming teachings, guidance, shamanic healing, transformative massage, celebrancy for rites-of-passage, healing retreats and ceremonial healing pilgrimages to nearby ancient sacred sites

I have worked with and trained in healing for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli and Northern Drum Shamanic Healing training.  I am a Registered BSY Massage Practitioner.

Together we enter a transformational journey.  Depending on whether you choose shamanic healing or transformative massage, the journey includes the healing power of touch, drumming, singing, sounding, smudge to cleanse, and hands on channelling of healing energy to support your mind, body, emotions and spirit to come to a place of balance and flowing, healthy expression.

I look forward to hearing from you as to how we can work together using Healing, Massage, Healing Retreats and Ceremony, Gong and Sound Healing to re-connect body, mind, emotions and spirit to their original state of harmony.

Rachel is currently part of the Wellbeing with Cancer practitioner team here at The Living Well Centre - offering discounted sessions for people affected by Cancer . See details of the "Wellbeing with Cancer" fund here.

To book a session or talk through options please email: 

For more information see Rachel's website