Ceremonial Roundhouse for groups

Hobbit House group space


We offer you our beautiful Ceremonial roundhouse group space for group retreats at The Living Well Centre.

From May this year we are offering our beautiful Hobbit House Roundhouse as a ceremonial roundhouse to hold your groups and ceremonies in.

It is a gorgeous, earthy cob roundhouse, set in an abundant orchard, emerging out of, and being part of nature.

The building of the Hobbit House has been done with consciousness and love, and is designed to hold and nurture you, allowing you to feel part of the Earth and nature- all of which creates a very special space to hold ceremonies and groups.

Inside the Hobbit House are special touches of beauty- blue glass gin bottle'diamonds' adorning the walls, a star gazey glass dome in the ceiling, adding to the experience of really living with nature! 

The living turf roof both insulates and grows forget-me-nots and the orchard is idyllic with apples, pears and currants - food for birds and foraging humans! There is a cosy wood-burning stove and a ceiling -portal perfect for stargazing.  You have your own small garden with a fire pit.  A palatial compost loo is just a few steps away.

Send us an e-mail with questions, for availability and bookings : enquiries@thelivingwellcentre.co.uk

Send us an e-mail to check availability and book: enquiries@thelivingwellcentre.co.uk




The Hobbit House

  • Washing up area (covered)
  • All crockery, cups and cutlery provided
  • Electric kettle 

Heating, lighting

  • Cosy Wood burner inside - small basket of logs provided, extra wood available to buy
  • There is electric lighting & plug sockets but please bring a torch for evenings/night


  • Therapeutic massage, healing, homeopathy sessions can be booked on request – please see Treatments section herefor further details
  • Bush craft, Green Woodworking and other workshops frequently take place at The Living Well Centre – check out our events calendar here
  • Important information
  • Pets cannot be accommodated at Living Well Centre – mainly for the sake of our wildlife
  • There are ponds and a walk down well, bee-hives with honey bees on site 


The Making of the Hobbit House

Built in September 2011 as a workshop with Tony Wrench and 25 others, the site was cleared, the materials prepared and the structure erected and largely weather proofed in a 3 week period. It took 2-3 people a further 2 months to complete.

The walls are cordwood - trunks from trees our friend Duncan's Grandfather planted, cut up into rounds - infilled with cob (clay rich earth mainly from on site with sand, straw & water) sandwich with straw in the middle for insulation. The upright posts and diagonals are also from Duncan's Grandfather's wood.

The roof is a self supporting reciprocal frame of sitkar spruce from Bodmin. These spars are spanned by slab wood (the sawmill offcuts when cutting the round portions of the trunk to leave a square core from which boards are cut). On top of this is a layer of old carpet which prevents the 6 inch layer of straw insulation from falling between the slab wood gaps.  Above the straw are several layers of the heaviest gauge agricultural silage plastic. This is the roof membrane on which is another layer of carpet (to protect the membrane) and then turfs from clearing a vegetable bed.

The windows were reclaimed from a local conservatory company going bust (they don't open, but the two doors allow for plenty of ventilation)! The beautiful chunky doors are made from Duncan's Grandfather's offcuts. The glass bottles are from the recycling bank! The Earth floor is made mainly from earth on site and nearby clay rich earth- using similar cob principles as the walls- LOTS of wheelbarrows & stamping down!, then sealed with linseed oil & citrus based thinner & beeswax- all totally natural & healthy!


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