A Celebration of Life

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David and Rachel Smart-Knight talked about creating a healing centre, in nature with a choice of natural treatments on offer from the moment they met. Once Plan-it Earth Eco Project was established, the feedback that our team consistently receive from guests is what a relief it was to enter this "nature sanctuary", away from the rat race and technological  bombardment, a place where they could unwind and spend quality, unspoilt and uninterrupted time with themselves, each other, their family, and nature. Guests called it a beautiful retreat space...
As the trees we planted in 2004 have grown along with us, it has created a wildlife sanctuary - where there was once land devoid of birds and wildlife, the morning chorus is now a joy! It has become an oasis for both wildlife and humans. We are following nature's lead and have decided to develop these much needed retreats for guests - creating a conscious environment where one can connect to nature. It is our intention to honour the ancestors of this land and the ancient sites around - the ancestors that lived in harmony with nature and the cycles of nature. Carn Euny in particular inspires our vision for the fogou style sweat lodge and and our own on site stone circle and our beautiful roundhouse structures resonate with the local stone circles.

Now and into the Future

Into the future:

  • Star gazey fire baths
  • Wood burning sauna
  • Outside cooking area
  • Sacred stone circle for nature connection
  • Personal retreat cabins located in the woodland & coppice will be uniquely designed for one, two and more people
  • A natural swimming pool in the Woodland field
  • Apothecary for herbal medicines
  • A permanent fogou style sweat lodge

At The Living Well Centre we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and we will ensure that your stay here will be as carbon neutral and environmentally sensitive as possible:

  • compost loos
  • roundhouses - completely made from natural and recycled materials
  • shower and wash up water go to Wet Water treatment system (similar to reed bed but even more friendly) rather than sewage
  • local organic veg, fruit and grocery box delivery
  • encouragement to purchase consciously from local shops and reduce packaging, rubbish and encouragement to reuse and recycle
  • UV filtered water comes from our own well

Guests can see low-impact living in action, the site includes:

  • vegetable garden
  • polytunnel
  • orchard
  • coppice woodland for fuel and furniture
  • green woodworking area
  • demonstrations of low-impact building- cob, cordwood, strawbale, rammed earth tyres
  • WET water treatment system
  • wildlife ponds
  • medicinal herb garden

Our current green measures include:

  • Using green tariff electricity from our own PV panels
  • Using reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible
  • Having a green transport policy, which includes encouraging use of public transport and bicycles.
  • Having a waste reduction policy, which includes composting, worm bins, recycling and compost toilets
  • Using woodburning showers to reduce fossil fuel usage
  • Using homegrown and local food where possible, and where not local, buying in bulk to reduce packaging, and aiming to use Fairtrade and Organic sources
  • Using green building techniques, including using reclaimed or renewable materials, and local materials, suppliers and tradespeople
  • Planting trees to attract wildlife and absorb Carbon Dioxide